Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Update

In late June, I went to LA to visit several friends while I had the chance, and enjoyed the most amazing scenic drive back, stopping at the Hearst Castle on my return trip. Normally I prefer flying such a long distance, but the castle is too far from either San Francisco or LA that simply driving the trip made the most sense.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is a strange, yet beautiful mix of purchased art pieces and architecture from all of the world, including many pieces from Europe, Egypt and the Middle East. Among the most gorgeous spectacles are the two pools—the Roman Pool and the Neptune Pool. Enjoy these shots and be sure to click to view them in their full resolution glory.

Roman Pool (panoramic)

Neptune Pool

One of the beautiful, massive fireplaces

 A lounging Roman

  A beautiful chandelier in the theater

  A gold nymph fountain

As for the update on my yoga teacher training, I'm nearing the end of my third week. I'm almost done! All the yoga posture study, philosophy, history and sequencing is starting to come together and make sense. I am feeling more alive than I have in years and feel stronger than ever too. Class has been surprisingly intense at times, and relaxing at other times. The fun part is that in this group, I happen to be the only guy, but the ladies are all very welcoming, and I learn from them every day. This was a great decision. Though I never planned to teach yoga, and only take the course to deepen my practice, I am getting far more out of it than I ever could have dreamed of.

On the sleep apnea issue, the overnight sleep test showed that I am an ideal candidate for a special dental device that will help open my air passage way. Unfortunately, like the rest of this ordeal, it'll be several more weeks to get it. Total time since initial diagnosis—about 3 months—but it'll be worth it. 



  1. Those pics of Hearst Castle are beautiful! Glad to hear your yoga class is going well. You've made me really want to do it now. And you're the only guy in your group? How fun, you must feel like a king! lol. Great news on that dental device soon, and I hope you get it soon! Safe and happy travels Cade! ^__^

    1. I highly recommend both the yoga training as well as visiting the castle. I don't mind being the only guy in the class (normally there are several), but I do feel a bit like a little prince. They're all so sweet to me.

  2. Hey Cade, Hearst Castle looks amazing I'll have to go see it some time. Glad to hear about the sleep apnea device. I really hope helps. Can't believe you are the only guy in the yoga teaching class. That's like every guys dream. Hope you have a great summer.

  3. I've always wanted to live in an old castle, or mansion (I imagine many have had the same secret desire). That place looks really cool, but the question remains, did you find any secret passages? I think anytime you go to a cool old building like that there's gotta be secret passages somewhere! -Jesse Gardner

    Edit: gotta remember to change my blog name so people know who it is that's talking!

    1. Unfortunately, the tours don't allow private roaming to search for such cool things like secret passages. Having lived in a manor/mansion, it does have a great appeal because the estate becomes its own identity, almost like a person. Still, a castle of any sort, would be a special treat in a league of its own.

  4. Thx for sharing the pics! I hope to visit the castles of England and Scotland one day!